sabato 27 settembre 2008

PEACE starts with me

Translation of a book review by Augusto Cavadi, professor of philosophy, published by the Italian newspaper La Repubblica- Palermo on March 20, 2007.

F. Masi - M. Masi Tanksley
La Pace Incomincia da Me – Peace Starts with Me
Il Pozzo di Giacobbe Publisher
Pp. 32
Euro 5,90

Fulvia Masi, the mother, born and raised in Palermo and resident of New York, is the author of the text; and the daughter, Mósa Masi Tanksley, is the illustrator who created the original drawings: the result is a small bilingual picture book (Italian and English) for children, but not just for children. The main character, in fact, called Memmo, a “child philosopher”, presents us with “a story simple in its language and content, yet subtle and profound in meaning”: world peace is a political achievement, yet it has anthropological roots. This observation resonates with what the French philosopher P. Hadot maintains: “There are many people who are totally committed to political activism and to the fight for social justice. But very, very few of them try to prepare a social revolution starting with an inner revolution.” The peace for which Memmo searches has many names because violence has many faces: it may mean, for example, liberation from the threats of camorra (organized crime in Naples). La Pace incomincia da me, in fact, is dedicated to the elementary school children of Scampia who promoted a street demonstration to call for the silencing of weapons, in order to end the fight of the gangs.

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